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Saturday, 6 August 2011


The one thing I hate most is to make up my mind. I've been through many situations that involves me to decide. Sometimes the choices aren't only between good and bad. The choices i choose at times can be both good and both bad. So how am I to choose between two good choices, or how am I to choose between two bad choices? this, my friends is only a segment of life. So what will happen if I decide NOT to choose?

So here's the situation :

One fine day, a girl named Alice( just a random name I chose as the main character in this story ) wakes up to find herself on a bed of lavenders with a soft nostalgic song filling the air with nothing but happiness. Alice was indeed in a state of shock and she couldn't think of anything else but to run away from that place. She kept on running and running but no matter how far she ran, she will still end up at the same spot. She tried to cry but her tears just wouldn't come out. So she sat quietly and closed her eyes. Took her hours and hours, days and days to figure out the reason why her tears just wouldn't flow out like it normally would. And to make things ever worse, she just kept on smiling whenever the same nostalgic song fills the air. So she thought, "why am i happy when everything seems so wrong and unreal? is it possible that somehow I want this fantasy to be real? is this just a dream,should I wake up? " These questions made her nervous, made her scared. She couldn't differ the facts and fictions to it. Because deep down,she loved the place. The color of lavenders made her feel safe and sound,while the scent made her calm and happy. The music made her smile :) 

So she skipped happily from one place to another and found a door in the middle of nowhere. She was curious so she opened the door and peeped inside. To her surprise it was her room. It was the real world. Her laptop was beside of her. Her phone was under the pillow. the bookshelf was at the side of bed. Everything was REAL. She immediately closed the door, took a few steps backwards and sat on the bed of lavenders. She knew this day would come when she has to decide. To decide whether to keep the fantasy or to step into the real world where she would cry often due to the many miseries she faced. 

So she chose to leave her dream, along with the many things that made her happy and stepped into reality. -the end-

sooooo, that's the situation people. Yes,it's freaky, random and awkward . That's what I'm currently going through right now.  i admit reality sucks. and letting go of memories, dreams, fantasies, magic ,so on and so forth is very-very,sangat-sangat, gila-gila , SAKIT , PAINFUL , AGONIZING, AND TAK DAPAT TIDUR MALAM!. hahahahaha. a very rojak way to put it cuz i feel like rojak right now!. teheeee. 

ps : Life is full of burdens,responsibilities,obstacles and most importantly, CHOICES. My advise to you reading this right now is, To always make the right choices. And to always smile :) *winks*


  1. every choice you make, makes you a little wiser. (:

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