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Friday, 22 July 2011


HEY peeps! yes,i am now a University student,studying in UiTM Shah Alam. I've met new friends, experienced a few ups and downs, eating disorders..ahhh campus life. Who would ever thought of it to be so hard? :0 wooops! before i go on and on bout campus, I am officially a Law Foundation student! Yes I am!

So of all courses why Law?? Honestly, i wanted to take up Accounts, but my Abah said its better to take up Law (-.-) Soo,with all my might, I agreed. All this while I thought of Law as a subject where i need to read and memorize all the time. Well,thats what THEY ALL SAY.kan? hahaha. I beg to differ y'all! its not about memorizing, its about understanding. Becoming a Law student is surely an honor :)

Aite! Enough about me becoming a law student. I can still recall the first time i got on a Rapid KL here in Shah Alam.. At that time, I seriously don't know about the card system,so with RM2 in my hand, i got on the bus and just sat there with a big innocent smile on my face (thinking what I did was normal). Yup! believe it or not, I was that NAIVE.  Later on, my friend explained bout how to get on a Rapid KL and all I could do at that time was just laugh! teheee. malu gila! Daang! the bus incident was just freaking humiliating. And up till today, I just cant forget bout it. Me and my friend got lost once for taking the wrong bus. I blame myself for being a smarty pants, thinking whatever I did was right. It's obvious isn't it, I'm a fool when it comes to buses. I have no sense of direction ! But, after a few weeks of being tormented by the directions in Shah Alam, I finally mastered the art of getting on and off a bus to get to both Sek.2 and Sek.7 of Shah Alam. Take that! ha! yes, I am proud of myself for being able to get on a public transportation.

Besides getting lost and not knowing how to get on a bus, I met a lot of awesome friends! I'm blessed to have a faculty full of super nice, super awesome friends :) love y'all! Meeting people from different backgrounds and places was, err should I say, the best thing that has ever happened to me in Shah Alam. They're really fun to talk to and its cool to listen to the various types of accent. My top most favourite is of course the Kedah accent. I did try to speak like them but did not succeed. dang! at least i made them laugh their asses off? hehe.

so here's actual PROOF of how super awesome the my friends are. haha! You guys ROCK!

from left : zack,aimi,aleeya (ma seayh buddayhs)

some call it science,we call it chemistry

me and aleeya <3

my awesome classmates

yaya and amira


mena and her friend

the lovely aida and pretty salmah

our Guava Boost! power up! :D


  1. untung lah dpt shah alam.kalau dpt jengka camner?mcm aku ni.hehehe.susah tu klu salah bas.silap2 leh g pinang.hehe.good luck fe =).