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Friday, 22 July 2011

Did my heart skip a beat?

Dear Bloggie, 

I get butterflies in my tummy everytime I listen to his voice on the phone. I just keep on thinking about him. My whole entire system stopped working the moment he smiles at me. And woo woo wooooa! Did my heart skip a beat? I can feel my heart skipping a beat!! 

I seriously need to get myself a love doctor, cause I the way I feel it, all these signs are symptoms of me falling deeply into love. Gosh! this is soooo not like me. Ever since that day, I just couldn't stop smiling to myself (which I have to stop coz people ought to think I'm crazy). 

So, who could it be?
Is it my ex? My friend? or is it a random guy I met in Shah Alam?

wooops! sorry.. That's just waay2 confidential! :D 
No one but me holds the answer to this question. So why did I put up those questions in the first place when i know I won't 'directly' answer them? well, it's actually for the sake of creating an annoying vibe to obviously, annoy you guys! muaahaha!! yes, I am annoying. Bare with it. (-.-)

This is for 'him'

soo why am I head over heels for this guy?
my answer is : Do I need a reason to love a person?
I accept him the way he is. He's perfect just by being himself. He makes me feel safe and secured. he makes me laugh my voice out. He makes me feel like i'm special. His simple words and simple actions are just soo meaningful :) 

I thank god for allowing me to have feelings for 'him'. Alhamdulillah. and i hope this feeling lasts forever. amiin.

ps : I'll be putting up more posts about this guy. meheheh. 

My confessions don't bite :) teheeee