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Monday, 11 July 2011

Been Sooo Loooong!!

hey people! its been soo long since i updated my blog. i have so much to share. i seriously need to tell u guys bout my ups and downs, and generally everything that comes with it la. why am i suddenly updating my blog after soo long??shhh.. hehehe. well i felt inspired just by reading a friend's blog. i'll tell u guys more bout him later :) heheh. i'm 18 now. wel,not legally 18 cuz its not the 6th of sept yet. hahah! tak rasa macam i sengaja tulis my birth date ke?? sebab memang i sengaja ponn..mehehheh. ok readers!!! this latest blog of mine ni mmg super short cuz i saja jeh nk inform u guys that i'm officially an active blogger ( jangan percaya sgt statement i ni kayh?  ) k,bye :)

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