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Friday, 15 April 2011

a RAW hello ;)

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read my blog.. This is obviously my first post.. it took me a lot of time searching for cute backgrounds, wallpapers n stuff..but it pretty much led me back to the zebra striped pattern i wanted a few days ago..hahaha!!.. actually this isn't my first time blogging cuz i was formerly a Cleo's Next Top Blogger Finalist (but i lost,cuz my friends weren't able to vote due to technical problems,screw the website!)

(okayh Farra, ur not supposed to mintak simpati!!lol..)

soo, i decided to go solo and become an individual blogger instead!!! from here on out, i'll be typing my way up..wooohooo!! go farra!! 
so, again thanks for reading my blog.. do follow me!! i'll follow u guys too!!hahaha!! sama2 follow!..hugs!!


  1. i still cudn't find the chance to read cleo the april issue.but will try to get one! for sure. (:

  2. u dont have to cuz they didnt rly publish the bloggers..haha..pity..