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Monday, 18 April 2011

life after SPM

Many of my juniors come up to me with their bright, happy-go-lucky faces and randomly ask me,"akak,soo,camne life after spm??best tak?"
At first I didnt want to break their hearts by sayin 'hey kiddos, it's ecstasy!!!'..but then again who am i kiddin..?

My answer was a straight " you'll know once you're done with school .." (-.-')

it's fairly true that the life we expected to turn out, didn't really turn out great..but of course we did have fun even after school..but that was only for a short while..boohoo..

you see, as you start steppin out of school.. you're actually gaining your own independence..

not only you can feel your hormones changing almost daily but your responsibility meter ought to rise up 10 times than usual..

you'll somehow understand the difficulties of being an adult 

BUT OF COURSE, the best part of not being in school is..we don't get to wear uniforms every freakin,no more homeworks..and parents nagging bout exams. is fun. but it can bore you to death at times.. but to those who can't wait to get out of school and out of the house..mind you, soon u'll be off to campus and u won't have much time with your parents..soo,here's my advise, spend as much time as u can with your'll miss matter how much they nag and blabber bout EVERYTHING..they will forever be your family..the ones who will help in times when u feel like giving up..

try and think about is not bout FREEDOM

plus there is no such thing as FREEDOM..freedom is only an illusion,blurring one's mind causing the individual to rebel..

i'll blog more on freedom for my next post but for now..i wanna get some rest..hugs!! :)