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Friday, 15 April 2011

is it RACISM or just SHEER STUPIDITY?????

A friend of mine posted this video on my Facebook page and the moment i started watching it, sorry to say but the first thing i said was 'WTH??!!'..

It's a rant by Alexandra Wallace, a political science student from UCLA..
Honestly, someone please EDUCATE her!!! She's obviously illiterate on matters concerning ASIA and its lifestyle..

Yes, it is normal for us humans to feel upset and angry.. But bare in mind, god created the brain for a reason, soo, always think rationally before airing out negative opinions about others, worst, about other races..

A person's mistake is based only on the individual and not his/her race or religion.. 
moving ooonnn,



in my opinion, racism is when an individual is obsessed with his/her race and hates other particular races..

based on her original video, she did say that she has Asian friends, soo somehow she is not a racist but just plain STUPID!

There are other decent ways to express one's anger.. and airing out racist-like rants on You Tube should never be an alternative..

Plus, she mentioned about the Tsunami incident!! Gosh! and she said her momma brought her up to be a polite American girl??@#$%  LOL!!! yeahh,now that's a joke!! 

aite, i guess i made myself pretty clear on this matter..(smiles)

here's a  few video responds specially made for Alexandra Wallace..ENJOY!

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