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Saturday, 23 April 2011

friends i love most!!

My post today is dedicated to my dear BUDDAYHS!
love y'al!!

i may not always be there for u guys and i can be such an annoying bug sumtimes keep in mind..i love u guys!!its been sooo long since we sat in class,eating,studyin,cryin,laughing,gossipin together!..i miss those times..and i just have to accept the fact that we cant turn back time now can we??

i remember the times when i cried over sumthing stupid..and u guys were always there to hug me..awww!!shucks!

to my dear2 friend ANYSS FARIHA!

honestly,u r not like any other friend i have ever met before..u shout at me at times..u made me cry..u scolded  me lots of times before..but after all that,u were the reason i stood up for myself..u were the reason for me to be strong..thank u!!thank u soo much..i love u anyss..i will always pray the best for u..hugs!

my sexayh friend,NURULHUDA

hahaha..ur the coolest gurl i have eva met!!not to mention ur funnayh and howt at the same time..hahah..
babe..despite anys,ur a total sweetheart!..u comforted me most of the time..u shared ur stories,dreams,secrets..everything!!kepale kte pon same2 gila..haha..oohh n i love ur rabbits!!when can i play wif them again??!!lol!farra sayang nurul!

my childhood friend and a sista..UMMI!

heyy2 ummi!!i've known u since primary..u were the most gentle gurl i have eva known!!until masok secondary!!perhh!!tekejot gila tgk ummi bercakap!!haha..kte sayang ummi..i misshh u sooooooooooo much ummi mcm family kte gak..n my family is urs..we cried together..n kte penah gado..but..after everything,kte berdue makin kukuh..pernah gak ade org cube rampas ummi..taknak ummi kwn dgn ummi still nk kawan kan??haha..mmuah love ya!!kte harap ummi bahagia sentiasa..!!

to the names i didnt mention..dont be sad or offended by the fact that i didnt post anything bout u guys..doesnt mean korg tak y'all!!

hihihihi..tats all folks!

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