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Saturday, 6 August 2011


The one thing I hate most is to make up my mind. I've been through many situations that involves me to decide. Sometimes the choices aren't only between good and bad. The choices i choose at times can be both good and both bad. So how am I to choose between two good choices, or how am I to choose between two bad choices? this, my friends is only a segment of life. So what will happen if I decide NOT to choose?

So here's the situation :

One fine day, a girl named Alice( just a random name I chose as the main character in this story ) wakes up to find herself on a bed of lavenders with a soft nostalgic song filling the air with nothing but happiness. Alice was indeed in a state of shock and she couldn't think of anything else but to run away from that place. She kept on running and running but no matter how far she ran, she will still end up at the same spot. She tried to cry but her tears just wouldn't come out. So she sat quietly and closed her eyes. Took her hours and hours, days and days to figure out the reason why her tears just wouldn't flow out like it normally would. And to make things ever worse, she just kept on smiling whenever the same nostalgic song fills the air. So she thought, "why am i happy when everything seems so wrong and unreal? is it possible that somehow I want this fantasy to be real? is this just a dream,should I wake up? " These questions made her nervous, made her scared. She couldn't differ the facts and fictions to it. Because deep down,she loved the place. The color of lavenders made her feel safe and sound,while the scent made her calm and happy. The music made her smile :) 

So she skipped happily from one place to another and found a door in the middle of nowhere. She was curious so she opened the door and peeped inside. To her surprise it was her room. It was the real world. Her laptop was beside of her. Her phone was under the pillow. the bookshelf was at the side of bed. Everything was REAL. She immediately closed the door, took a few steps backwards and sat on the bed of lavenders. She knew this day would come when she has to decide. To decide whether to keep the fantasy or to step into the real world where she would cry often due to the many miseries she faced. 

So she chose to leave her dream, along with the many things that made her happy and stepped into reality. -the end-

sooooo, that's the situation people. Yes,it's freaky, random and awkward . That's what I'm currently going through right now.  i admit reality sucks. and letting go of memories, dreams, fantasies, magic ,so on and so forth is very-very,sangat-sangat, gila-gila , SAKIT , PAINFUL , AGONIZING, AND TAK DAPAT TIDUR MALAM!. hahahahaha. a very rojak way to put it cuz i feel like rojak right now!. teheeee. 

ps : Life is full of burdens,responsibilities,obstacles and most importantly, CHOICES. My advise to you reading this right now is, To always make the right choices. And to always smile :) *winks*

Friday, 22 July 2011

Did my heart skip a beat?

Dear Bloggie, 

I get butterflies in my tummy everytime I listen to his voice on the phone. I just keep on thinking about him. My whole entire system stopped working the moment he smiles at me. And woo woo wooooa! Did my heart skip a beat? I can feel my heart skipping a beat!! 

I seriously need to get myself a love doctor, cause I the way I feel it, all these signs are symptoms of me falling deeply into love. Gosh! this is soooo not like me. Ever since that day, I just couldn't stop smiling to myself (which I have to stop coz people ought to think I'm crazy). 

So, who could it be?
Is it my ex? My friend? or is it a random guy I met in Shah Alam?

wooops! sorry.. That's just waay2 confidential! :D 
No one but me holds the answer to this question. So why did I put up those questions in the first place when i know I won't 'directly' answer them? well, it's actually for the sake of creating an annoying vibe to obviously, annoy you guys! muaahaha!! yes, I am annoying. Bare with it. (-.-)

This is for 'him'

soo why am I head over heels for this guy?
my answer is : Do I need a reason to love a person?
I accept him the way he is. He's perfect just by being himself. He makes me feel safe and secured. he makes me laugh my voice out. He makes me feel like i'm special. His simple words and simple actions are just soo meaningful :) 

I thank god for allowing me to have feelings for 'him'. Alhamdulillah. and i hope this feeling lasts forever. amiin.

ps : I'll be putting up more posts about this guy. meheheh. 

My confessions don't bite :) teheeee


HEY peeps! yes,i am now a University student,studying in UiTM Shah Alam. I've met new friends, experienced a few ups and downs, eating disorders..ahhh campus life. Who would ever thought of it to be so hard? :0 wooops! before i go on and on bout campus, I am officially a Law Foundation student! Yes I am!

So of all courses why Law?? Honestly, i wanted to take up Accounts, but my Abah said its better to take up Law (-.-) Soo,with all my might, I agreed. All this while I thought of Law as a subject where i need to read and memorize all the time. Well,thats what THEY ALL SAY.kan? hahaha. I beg to differ y'all! its not about memorizing, its about understanding. Becoming a Law student is surely an honor :)

Aite! Enough about me becoming a law student. I can still recall the first time i got on a Rapid KL here in Shah Alam.. At that time, I seriously don't know about the card system,so with RM2 in my hand, i got on the bus and just sat there with a big innocent smile on my face (thinking what I did was normal). Yup! believe it or not, I was that NAIVE.  Later on, my friend explained bout how to get on a Rapid KL and all I could do at that time was just laugh! teheee. malu gila! Daang! the bus incident was just freaking humiliating. And up till today, I just cant forget bout it. Me and my friend got lost once for taking the wrong bus. I blame myself for being a smarty pants, thinking whatever I did was right. It's obvious isn't it, I'm a fool when it comes to buses. I have no sense of direction ! But, after a few weeks of being tormented by the directions in Shah Alam, I finally mastered the art of getting on and off a bus to get to both Sek.2 and Sek.7 of Shah Alam. Take that! ha! yes, I am proud of myself for being able to get on a public transportation.

Besides getting lost and not knowing how to get on a bus, I met a lot of awesome friends! I'm blessed to have a faculty full of super nice, super awesome friends :) love y'all! Meeting people from different backgrounds and places was, err should I say, the best thing that has ever happened to me in Shah Alam. They're really fun to talk to and its cool to listen to the various types of accent. My top most favourite is of course the Kedah accent. I did try to speak like them but did not succeed. dang! at least i made them laugh their asses off? hehe.

so here's actual PROOF of how super awesome the my friends are. haha! You guys ROCK!

from left : zack,aimi,aleeya (ma seayh buddayhs)

some call it science,we call it chemistry

me and aleeya <3

my awesome classmates

yaya and amira


mena and her friend

the lovely aida and pretty salmah

our Guava Boost! power up! :D

Monday, 11 July 2011

Been Sooo Loooong!!

hey people! its been soo long since i updated my blog. i have so much to share. i seriously need to tell u guys bout my ups and downs, and generally everything that comes with it la. why am i suddenly updating my blog after soo long??shhh.. hehehe. well i felt inspired just by reading a friend's blog. i'll tell u guys more bout him later :) heheh. i'm 18 now. wel,not legally 18 cuz its not the 6th of sept yet. hahah! tak rasa macam i sengaja tulis my birth date ke?? sebab memang i sengaja ponn..mehehheh. ok readers!!! this latest blog of mine ni mmg super short cuz i saja jeh nk inform u guys that i'm officially an active blogger ( jangan percaya sgt statement i ni kayh?  ) k,bye :)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

friends i love most!!

My post today is dedicated to my dear BUDDAYHS!
love y'al!!

i may not always be there for u guys and i can be such an annoying bug sumtimes keep in mind..i love u guys!!its been sooo long since we sat in class,eating,studyin,cryin,laughing,gossipin together!..i miss those times..and i just have to accept the fact that we cant turn back time now can we??

i remember the times when i cried over sumthing stupid..and u guys were always there to hug me..awww!!shucks!

to my dear2 friend ANYSS FARIHA!

honestly,u r not like any other friend i have ever met before..u shout at me at times..u made me cry..u scolded  me lots of times before..but after all that,u were the reason i stood up for myself..u were the reason for me to be strong..thank u!!thank u soo much..i love u anyss..i will always pray the best for u..hugs!

my sexayh friend,NURULHUDA

hahaha..ur the coolest gurl i have eva met!!not to mention ur funnayh and howt at the same time..hahah..
babe..despite anys,ur a total sweetheart!..u comforted me most of the time..u shared ur stories,dreams,secrets..everything!!kepale kte pon same2 gila..haha..oohh n i love ur rabbits!!when can i play wif them again??!!lol!farra sayang nurul!

my childhood friend and a sista..UMMI!

heyy2 ummi!!i've known u since primary..u were the most gentle gurl i have eva known!!until masok secondary!!perhh!!tekejot gila tgk ummi bercakap!!haha..kte sayang ummi..i misshh u sooooooooooo much ummi mcm family kte gak..n my family is urs..we cried together..n kte penah gado..but..after everything,kte berdue makin kukuh..pernah gak ade org cube rampas ummi..taknak ummi kwn dgn ummi still nk kawan kan??haha..mmuah love ya!!kte harap ummi bahagia sentiasa..!!

to the names i didnt mention..dont be sad or offended by the fact that i didnt post anything bout u guys..doesnt mean korg tak y'all!!

hihihihi..tats all folks!

Monday, 18 April 2011

life after SPM

Many of my juniors come up to me with their bright, happy-go-lucky faces and randomly ask me,"akak,soo,camne life after spm??best tak?"
At first I didnt want to break their hearts by sayin 'hey kiddos, it's ecstasy!!!'..but then again who am i kiddin..?

My answer was a straight " you'll know once you're done with school .." (-.-')

it's fairly true that the life we expected to turn out, didn't really turn out great..but of course we did have fun even after school..but that was only for a short while..boohoo..

you see, as you start steppin out of school.. you're actually gaining your own independence..

not only you can feel your hormones changing almost daily but your responsibility meter ought to rise up 10 times than usual..

you'll somehow understand the difficulties of being an adult 

BUT OF COURSE, the best part of not being in school is..we don't get to wear uniforms every freakin,no more homeworks..and parents nagging bout exams. is fun. but it can bore you to death at times.. but to those who can't wait to get out of school and out of the house..mind you, soon u'll be off to campus and u won't have much time with your parents..soo,here's my advise, spend as much time as u can with your'll miss matter how much they nag and blabber bout EVERYTHING..they will forever be your family..the ones who will help in times when u feel like giving up..

try and think about is not bout FREEDOM

plus there is no such thing as FREEDOM..freedom is only an illusion,blurring one's mind causing the individual to rebel..

i'll blog more on freedom for my next post but for now..i wanna get some rest..hugs!! :)

Friday, 15 April 2011

is it RACISM or just SHEER STUPIDITY?????

A friend of mine posted this video on my Facebook page and the moment i started watching it, sorry to say but the first thing i said was 'WTH??!!'..

It's a rant by Alexandra Wallace, a political science student from UCLA..
Honestly, someone please EDUCATE her!!! She's obviously illiterate on matters concerning ASIA and its lifestyle..

Yes, it is normal for us humans to feel upset and angry.. But bare in mind, god created the brain for a reason, soo, always think rationally before airing out negative opinions about others, worst, about other races..

A person's mistake is based only on the individual and not his/her race or religion.. 
moving ooonnn,



in my opinion, racism is when an individual is obsessed with his/her race and hates other particular races..

based on her original video, she did say that she has Asian friends, soo somehow she is not a racist but just plain STUPID!

There are other decent ways to express one's anger.. and airing out racist-like rants on You Tube should never be an alternative..

Plus, she mentioned about the Tsunami incident!! Gosh! and she said her momma brought her up to be a polite American girl??@#$%  LOL!!! yeahh,now that's a joke!! 

aite, i guess i made myself pretty clear on this matter..(smiles)

here's a  few video responds specially made for Alexandra Wallace..ENJOY!